It's amazing how much information is out there on the World Wide Web!  Pick a topic, do a search, and chances are you'll come up with several related sites.  It's like having the world's biggest library at your fingertips!  There are friends to be made, new things to be learned, places to visit and answers to your questions...all just a few keystrokes away!

    Listed below are some of my favorite websites.  If you know of others that should be listed here, let me know!  And if you'd like me to add your site to my list,  SEND ME THE URL  and I'll check it out...if it looks good, I'll put it up!


 COFFEE REVIEW ON-LINE MAGAZINE A treasury of news and information for coffee lovers!

 CAFFEE PARADISE Your on-line shop for gourmet and specialty coffees.

 CAFENET A page just for caffeine addicts!


 AMAZON.COM - THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BOOKSTORE Thousands of titles at bargain prices!

 MOTHER NATURE'S GENERAL STORE - BOOKS A good resource for books on health and nutrition.


 VEGSOURCE The single best vegetarian resource on the World Wide Web!  Includes discussion boards on topics ranging from Animal Rights and Vegetarian Parenting to Relationships and Spirituality.  This site also offers an on-line magazine (updated weekly), a lively chat room with both open and scheduled chats, a first-class recipe database, and links to other excellent sites, such as John Robbin's "Earthsave International," Howard Lyman's "Voice for a Viable Future," Dr. Charles Atwood's "The Doctor is In -- Vegan M.D." and a new site called "Biospirituality." No membership required to read or to post at this very friendly site.

 VEGGIE-TALK/MOTHER NATURE'S FORUM A variety of vegetarian discussion boards linked to an excellent on-line natural products  shopping center.  Talk to other vegetarians (or learn about vegetarianism) while you fill your shopping cart with goodies!  Membership required to post (fill out the form at the top of the page); but there is no charge to join.


 CHILDREN'S RESOURCE CENTER Check out this site for information on innovative educational products.

 ARTOS Looking for a way to introduce your child to the Bible?  Meet TYG -- The Tiger Who Loves God, the cuddly protagonist of a lovely virtual storybook that features original (and very singable) music, easy-to-learn scriptural quotes, and a positive, upbeat message.  Heartlily endorsed by Erbie's tough-to-please four-year-old daughter!




 EPISCOPAL WELCOME LINKS  This beautifully designed site offers links leading to a plethora of information...from The Book of Common Prayer on-line to treatises on faith and practice.  Check out "Fr. Joe's Worst Episcopal Jokes" and the lively discussion board (direct link to discussion board under "Spiritual Discussion" heading below).

 THE EPISCOPAL PRESENCE (EP-ONLINE) Includes diocesan listings, information on faith and practice, meditations, and links to other sites.

 THE OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE U.S.A. General news and information about the Episcopal Church

 THE UNOFFICIAL HOMEPAGE OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE U.S.A. All kinds of interesting links, including various parish homepages, special interest groups and general information.

 EPISCOPAL NEWS SERVICE Up-to-date news about happenings in ECUSA.

 DAILY OFFICE This attractive site includes the daily readings and propers from the Book of Common Prayer, as well as daily meditations from the publication "Forward Day-by-Day."

 INTEGRITY The Society of Gay and Lesbian Episcopalians.  Includes news, information, book reviews and other information.  Integrity is a participant in the "Rainbow Spirituality Ring," which links to support and information services from many denominations.

 EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN (ECW) Links to most recent issues of ECW Communique, the official publication of the nationwide ECW organization.

 EPISCOPAL/ANGLICAN WOMEN'S NETWORK News and information concerning women in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

 UNION OF BLACK EPISCOPALIANS Encourages involvment of black people in the Episcopal Church.

 HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH A network for people interested in the history of
the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.

 ECUNET A society supporting communities of faith from various denominations.  Includes link to ECULAUGH, a daily updated source of "good, clean religious humor."

 ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Wanna see where I hang out on Sundays?  This is the website for my home church here in Durham, NC.  Site designed and maintained by yours truly, along with my true love and lifemate Werepoodle!

 EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF NORTH CAROLINA The official homepage for our local diocese.  A good place to start if you're thinking about moving to the Triangle and you're looking for a church home.



 ANGLICANS ON-LINE News and information about the worldwide Anglican Communion, updated weekly. Includes question line, weekly polls, book reviews and links to other sites of interest.

 ANGLICAN COMMUNION NEWS SERVICE Official news organ of the worldwide Anglican Communion.


 WELCOME LINKS OPEN FORUM This is THE place to go if you want to discuss the Episcopal Church, or simply to talk to other Episcopalians on-line (whether or not you happen to be one yourself).  No password or membership required to read or post.

 VEGSOURCE SPIRITUALITY  Hosted by a VegSource, a vegetarian organization, this is a lively discussion board for spiritual issues, featuring participants from many diverse traditions and backgrounds.  No password or membership required to read or post. Participants are not required to be vegetarians, but respect is requested!

 VEGGIE TALK SPIRITUALITY/MOTHER NATURE'S FORUM Hosted by Mother Nature's General Store (an on-line natural products shopping center), this board also features participants from diverse traditions.  Membership is required to post, but there is no charge...simply fill out the form at the top of the page.

 ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL ORTHODOX CHURCH This discussion board, hosted by an Orthodox Church, is a good place to go for theological discussions, as well as for information about Orthodoxy.

 CHRISTIAN INTERACTIVE FORUM  This is a general Christian discussion board.  Membership is required to post, but there is no charge to join (fill out the application form at the top of the page when you go to the site).  No membership is required to read the posts.  You must give your e-mail address when posting to this site.

 BEST OF THE CHRISTIAN WEB This site is A LOT more conservative and evangelical than is my usual wont, but there are some interesting and learned people here, and the discussions can be fascinating. This is NOT the place to go if you are sensitive about people taking potshots at your religious views, but it's worth a visit if you are a conservative evangelical Christian, or if you enjoy a good debate.  Your ISP is recorded when you post, so don't come here looking to spam or start a flame war, or you could lose your internet service!  Not for everybody, but interesting for some.  Try the Apologetics and Miscellaneous boards,  for starters.


 THE SALARY CALCULATOR Thinking about relocating?  Looking for a job in another city?  Want to know what kind of salary you'll need to maintain your current standard of living?  Give The Salary Calculator a try!  Simply choose your current city and your target city and enter your current salary...The Salary Calculator will tell you how much you will need to earn!


 BUTTON WORLD Tons of buttons and other images.

 BRUNO'S IMAGEBASES Great gifs and other graphic goodies.

 SIMPLE GIFS Religious gifs, including crosses, stained-glass windows and Episcopal sheilds.  Also a variety of non-religious images, including the steaming cup and animated coffee maker used at Erbie's Cafe!  Provided by Calvary Episcopal Church, Santa Cruz, CA.

    This is only the beginning!  Watch for other sites to be added in upcoming weeks.  And if you know of a site I should add, or if you want me to link to your homepage,  DROP ME A LINE!